Sunday, January 1, 2012

Predictions 2012: A Year of Transformation

A new year has dawned. It presents an array of challenges and opportunities to all people the world over. While the End of the World is not imminent as some have forecasted using Mayan Prophecies, Egyptian Pyramids, or the I Ching; the end of the world as we know it, is here.

TEOTWAWKI has arrived.

In 2012 everything continues to change and the pace accelerates. The energy that gripped the world in 2011 continues to transform governments, political institutions, and financial markets.The Powers That Be are shaken, destroyed, or replaced.  Political structures are wiped away. Regimes are changed. New voices demand to be heard. New leadership emerges. The old ways crumble away. New ideas prevail by the end of the year, when a  new hope restores our faith in the future.

Transformation does not come without conflict. Conflict does not come without costs. These costs represent a great burden upon the people of many nations, persuasions, and tongues. "Jihadism" overwhelms Europe. Violence becomes pervasive as rioting, looting, vandalism, and revolution sweep the continent when ethnic groups clash.

War with Iran is imminent
We believe that war comes before the end of the first quarter of the New Year.  It may come sooner or it may come later, but it will come. It cannot be avoided. The United States lived with a nuclear Soviet Union and a nuclear Red China. The United States could live with a nuclear Iran. Israel cannot. Israel will not.

The Dual Citizens in the US government that run it’s State, War, and Security Departments will make war happen, one way or the other. The preferred way for them is an attack on Iran by the US as Israel’s surrogate.  Obama is reluctant to engage Iran in this way.

We believe that this war breaks out when a First Strike by Israel hits Iranian nuclear installations after it determines that it can wait no longer for the US to make the strike.Iran retaliates by striking US interests in the Gulf. The US responds in “self defense” with overwhelming force and obliterates Iranian Defense Forces and a new regime emerges to take power. 

Gold spikes, double digit inflation becomes an annual American experience to pay for yet another war for the New World Order, Builderberg/Rothchild Cartel. 

Russia and China sit this war out, and pick up the contracts to rebuild Iran under a less malevolent regime when it takes power.

Arab League Armed Forces will invade Lebanon and Syria. Turkey will also invade Syria as part of this Arab League Army. Eventually the Arab League leaves Syria. Turkey doesn’t. A new Ottoman Empire begins to absorb its neighbors. Parts of Syria are the first bite.

Domestically, another war leaves a very bad taste in the mouths of US voters and taxpayers “Unelectable” Ron Paul is elected President and rank and file US citizens begin to dismantle the New World Order Government established by Globalists within the Democratic and Republican parties. New political structures previously dormant in American life find renewal.

The “old Guard” retires, and a new wave of patriotism begins to assert its dominance, restoring the US Constitution to its rightful prominence as the basis of the nation’s laws. Judges are impeached. Congressmen and women recalled. The Patriot Movement emerges as a force to be reckoned with as 90 million gun owners come together to exercise their personal liberties and collective power.

Free Trade and Illegal Immigration are recognized by US Patriots as strategies of Globalists seeking to impoverish the American middle class, dissolve the US Constitution, and merge the US with Mexico in the North American Union, as a prelude to One World Government.

NAFTA is repudiated. Free Trade is replaced with Fair Trade. Most Favored Nation Status is reviewed for China and others who are subsidized by US Taxpayers to enrich the Uber Rich Investors and Gangster Banksters who have built factories in China using American Depositor funds.

New rules are implemented when it becomes obvious to all that cotton grown in Egypt, then shipped to China where it is processed and manufactured, before shipped again to the USA as t-shirts and underwear can be grown and produced more cheaply in Mississippi than elsewhere, when oil is over $100 per barrel.

“Grow local. Buy local. Build local” becomes the slogan for a renewal of the American dream. American homeowners demand larger tax subsidies at the retail level for alternative solar and wind energy. They demand the trillion dollar subsidy for hydrocarbons be repealed and giant taxpayer subsidies for proposed nuclear plants scrapped 

The FDA is revamped. DOA is restructured at the demand of the people, DOEd is gutted, commonly recognized as a complete failure. Federal employment is slashed. Pensions for Congress overturned. The general public and Federal employees are placed on the same health care and pension plan, as the American people refuse to accept "Two America's" when it comes to one plan for government and another for the masses. Those who can afford their own supplemental heath care plans may pay out of pocket for it at their own expense. 

Lobbyists and Hedge Fund managers go to jail when financial wrongdoing is discovered at the highest levels of Congress. Certain Senators and Members of the House retire to hide their shame.The Obama Administration is rocked by new financial disclosures.

By 2014 the Federal Reserve System is eliminated. Member bankers jailed. Cries of “Treason!” are heard all across the country when new revelations expose the Crony Capitalism that passes as Free Enterprise and fair financial markets in America. Heads of major banks are assassinated in retaliation for their corruption. Martial law is declared in NYC as the people take to the streets. Washington DC becomes a firestorm of dissent.
Looking back at the end of the year, 2012 will prove to be the year Americans rose up from their complacency and demanded justice, opportunity, and fairness be re-established in America for its citizens. 

Patriots will demand an end to “multiculturalism”, “environmentalism”, and “political correctness.” Illegals will be expelled en mass by executive order: “Go home or go to jail”.

Euphemisms for crony capitalism, murder, bribery, and sedition will be exposed as Free Trade, Abortion, Lobbyists, and the North American Union. FED officials, past and present, are indicted. Presidents are exposed for Sedition. One commits suicide. America celebrates July 4th 2013 with a renewed purpose and a firm resolve as a Christian nation under God.

China uses more than 3 billion plastic bags a day in 2012. (China's Bag Lady)