Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration. To some the two words say it all. It's simply illegal and the laws should be followed. At SHTF America, we believe these two words do not begin to describe the extent of the problem. We are finally addressing Illegal Immigration on this post, because the issue will not go away anytime soon. It will still be an important political, economic, and social issue in November 2010; and then again, in November 2012. It will continue to be an issue for the American people because there are elements of the media, government, and business; with certain complicit politicians, who will keep trying to provide amnesty to this sea of illegal aliens, against the wishes of the majority of American citizens.

These individuals are nationals of a foreign power, some perhaps, even agents of a foreign power, who ignore our laws at the expense and to the detriment of the American worker, taxpayer, and family. Borders are legal boundaries established between nations to separate distinct people: people with separate and distinct language, culture, and history. Simply put: this sea of Illegals represent a massive, unwanted, and undesirable infringement upon the language, culture, economy, and history of the American people.

A Column Of Illegals Invading America Through The Barrett Ranch

First and foremost, it is not immigration. It's an invasion. 30 million foreign nationals within our borders without our permission is an invasion, not immigration. Immigration implies consent. No consent has been given by the American people to ignore their borders. On the contrary, like any nation, America has rules, regulations, and laws applicable to entering, visiting, and residing in the United States. Illegals ignore these laws and disregard the Sovereignty of the United States.

America Is Under Seige

The United States prides itself on being a nation of laws, yet the federal government has allowed this massive invasion of the nation to continue with impunity, to the financial expense and personal detriment of its rightful citizens. This represents a vile betrayal and breach of faith between the US Government and American citizens. This state of affairs demands that the rightful citizens of the United States boldly voice their dissent, and total dissatisfaction with their government. To ignore the wishes of the American people who have elected them to represent their interests is contemptible at best, malfeasance for certain, and called treason by some.

Is it treason to deliberately collapse the income of the American people by allowing the American means of production to be shipped offshore?

Is it treason to encourage a massive invasion of the United States by an alien race, allow these aliens to take American jobs, suppress wages, import drugs and violence into the USA, and use tax dollars to educate, medicate, and placate these invaders, all to the physical and financial detriment of the American people?

Is it treason for our elected representatives to conspire with foreign governments to dissolve the United States into the North American Union as a prelude to a New World Order and One World Government?

We think so. We call it treason. It sounds like high crimes and treason to SHTF America. What do you think as an American citizen about the way your elected officials have failed to serve your interests?

The official federal government count of illegal aliens within our borders and without valid visas; that is, without permission to be here, exceeds 20 million souls. If this number were accurate it would signal an unprecedented, massive invasion of the United States by a foreign power or coalition of powers.  That number is equivalent to the entire Chinese Red Army which numbers about 20 million men, as military service is compulsory in China for 2 years for all males reaching the age of 18. About 10 million males reach that age every year according to the World Fact Book. 

Assuming that every male that can, exits the Chinese Army every two years, that should provide for a standing army of approximately twenty million men. The overwhelming majority of the Illegals invading America are "latinos" or persons who are citizens of Mexico, then Central and South America. Only a very small percentage of these illegals are individuals from other countries, or are those who have overstayed their visa. The vast majority of these illegals are Mexican nationals.

Unfortunately, this number, as massive and overwhelming as it may be, is inaccurate. Private estimates put this number at two to three times the estimate of the federal government: or 40 to 60 million invaders. They do so for good reason: the government cannot count. It couldn't count the billions of dollars unaccounted for in Iraq; it couldn't estimate the number of jobs that would be created by an 800 billion dollar stimulus package; and it couldn't project with any measure of accuracy, what the level of unemployment in the country would be after spending the stimulus money.

The Obama Administration projected an unemployment rate of 8.5% if that  outrageous sum of money were spent  as stimulus, but the unemployment rate still stands at almost 10% by its own accounting. Shadow Stats, a highly respected economic analysis website, estimates a real unemployment rate of over 16% in America. And that after 800 billion dollars has been spent. So what did the American taxpayer get for spending 800 billion dollars for the stimulus? Double the projected unemployment rate.


That's right, DOUBLE the projected unemployment rate. Reason enough, we think, to doubt the veracity and competency of this administration, and their ability to estimate the number of Illegals that have infiltrated and invaded the country. While we know at SHTF America that the government cannot count, and recognize that its estimate is probably much lower than the real numbers, we also respect the view of private estimates and believe the real number is substantially higher than the government's estimate of Illegals.

We believe a reliable estimate of the infiltration into the United States of these illegals, is about 30 million. That's a lot lower than private estimates but 50% higher than the government's own estimate. We think that is a realistic number. Think about it: 30 million nationals of a foreign power have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the United States. A number of people, mostly men, that far exceeds the size of the Chinese Red Army. There's your perspective, and a good representation of the size of the problem.

This illegal invasion of the United States by 30 million latinos, sanctioned by certain government officials is particularly galling when American citizens are engaged in multiple conflicts around the world at tremendous physical and financial sacrifice to those Americans, their families, and the treasury of the American people.

While trillions of dollars of taxpayer funds are being squandered on war to extend the power of the New World Order and pacify non-compliant nations; construction projects costing many tens of billion of dollars around the world are being paid for by the American taxpayer for military bases stretching both east and west as far as Afghanistan. In addition it has come to light that the State Department is spending billions of dollars of taxpayer funds to build Mosques all around the Muslim world.


That's right! The US government is spending billions of tax dollars to support the construction of Mosques around the Muslim world. This is a clear violation of the US Constitution respecting the separation of church and state, and it is an outrageous insult to every Christian American. At the same time that this outrageous spending is taking place, the American people are not safe in their cities, neighborhoods, or homes, because the US Government is "too cheap" to build a fence across our southern border to deter this invasion. An invasion of people, drugs, and crime.

Who are the individuals, organizations, and groups that support this invasion of the United States and why are they supporting it?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

First, there is the U.S Chamber of Commerce, which has lobbied for this invasion to suppress the cost of labor for their member firms, at the expense of the American worker, taxpayer, and family. Wages are a function of the supply and demand for labor. If 30 million foreign nationals are allowed to fill American jobs, as they have been, then it means that 30 million American citizens do not have a job, or must accept much lower pay for the right to work, thus ensuring billions of dollars of additional profit to be generated for these American firms, and passed along to CEO's and managers in the form of outrageous salaries, benefits, and compensation packages that extend into the tens even hundreds of millions of dollars.


That's right, CEO's and top managers are receiving enormous compensation packages in the many tens of millions of dollars, or pay equal to thousands of times the hourly amount of their average worker; even when their company has received bailout money from taxpayers to survive the first financial collapse. We say the first, because a second financial collapse appears eminent.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration

In Phoenix Arizona in the Spring of this year, 2010, ICE conducted a survey of the employment documents of Pro Ranch Markets; a supermarket chain that primarily serves the west and southwest sides of the city in predominantly hispanic-American neighborhoods. Subsequent to this investigation, 300 latino nationals were terminated for false and inadequate documentation.

When 300  members of "latino nation" lost their jobs for working illegally, 300 American citizens; virtually all hispanic-American citizens, were hired to fill the vacancies. This evidences the violations of one company in a metro area of more than 3 million people. Imagine the number of Illegals holding American jobs all across the country, while millions of American citizens are unemployed. Multiply that one company by tens of thousands like it across the country and you can begin to recognize the price that the American family is paying for our government's generosity.

With a 10% unemployment rate, nationally, estimated by the government; it means there are more than 35 million Americans out of work. At more than 16% unemployed based upon Shadow Stats analysis, it means that more than 50 million Americans are out of work, while presumably, 30 million Illegal latinos are still working. If these 30 million Illegals are not working in American jobs, what the hell are they doing here to survive? And if they are working in American jobs,why is this acceptable to our federal government: particularly when so many tens of millions of American Citizens are out of work?

Many false arguments arise with respect to the employment picture. The biggest fallacy is that these latino foreign nationals are taking jobs Americans don't want. Bullshit! Does any American citizen really believe that there are 30 million latino "lettuce pickers" in the United States?

The truth of the matter is that these Illegals are taking American jobs in construction, factories, warehouses, packing plants, offices, restaurants, and shops, that would otherwise go to American citizens. The construction industry in America has been overwhelmed by Illegals driving legitimate contractors out of business because they could not compete with slave labor prices generated by contractors using Illegals. Strange, how the price of new homes continued to increase while labor rates dropped dramatically as latinos took over the construction industry; while the price of new homes didn't drop until the economy collapsed from overbuilding.

Recently a Mexican national was stopped while driving in Phoenix Arizona by a state trooper who discovered $80,000 in cash, weapons, and a large amount of marijuana in the car that was clearly intended for distribution.


That's right! $80,000 in cash, weapons, and lots and lots of "pot" intended for distribution. At SHTF America, we are sure that this was just "another job that an American didn't want."

"Legal vs Illegal

You have two families: "Joe Legal" and "Jose Illegal". Both families have two parents, two children, and live in California . Joe Legal works in construction, has a Social Security Number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted. Jose Illegal also works in construction, has NO Social Security Number, and gets paid $15.00 cash "under the table".

Ready? Now pay attention . . .

Joe Legal: $25.00 per hour x 40 hours = $1000.00 per week, or $52,000.00 per year. Now take 30% away for state and federal tax; Joe Legal now has $31,231.00.

Jose Illegal: $15.00 per hour x 40 hours = $600.00 per week, or $31,200.00 per year. Jose Illegal pays no taxes. Jose Illegal now has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $24,031.00.

Jose Illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the state and local clinics at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare. Joe Legal pays $500.00 per month for food, or $6,000.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $18,031.00.

Jose Illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps and welfare. Jose Illegal still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays rent of $1,200.00 per month, or $14,400.00 per year. Joe Legal now has $9,631.00.

Jose Illegal receives a $500.00 per month federal rent subsidy. Jose Illegal pays out that $500.00 per month, or $6,000.00 per year. Jose Illegal still has $ 31,200.00.

Joe Legal pays $200.00 per month, or $2,400.00 for insurance. Joe Legal now has $7,231.00.

Jose Illegal says, "We don't need no stinkin' insurance!" and he still has $31,200.00.

Joe Legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, etc . . .

Jose Illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline, and what he sends out of the country every month.

Joe Legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after work.

Jose Illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family.

Joe Legal's and Jose Illegal's children both attend the same school.

Joe Legal pays for his children's lunches while Jose Illegal's children get a government sponsored lunch. Jose Illegal's children have an after school ESL program. Joe Legal's children go home.Joe Legal and Jose Illegal both enjoy the same police and fire services, but Joe paid for them and Jose did not pay."   -  from the web:  Anonymous

More Costs of Illegal Immigration

These Illegals are receiving free emergency medical care at the expense of the American taxpayer who must pay for his own. 45% of all hispanic families in the United States receive some form of government assistance. That is old data. With the current economic reality in the US, where one in six American families receive some sort of government assistance, it is likely that percentage may now be higher. As the Great Recession deepens that percentage will go higher. Funds that are allocated for Illegals health, education, and welfare; are funds that will not be available for medicare and medicaid for seniors, unemployment, and social security for American citizens.

The American taxpayer is over burdened as it is. We simply cannot spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year for 30 million nationals of a foreign power, particularly after the unfettered capitalists and banksters have sent virtually all American manufacturing to China to exploit the cheap labor there; while taking advantage of the currency exchange rate disparity at the same time, to maximize their profits. Another reason why Illegals need to go home.

Recently, Republican and Democratic Congressmen from Rhode Island were On The Record with Greta on Fox News. Rhode Island, the smallest state in the Union, has 40,000 known Illegals. Known because they are registered on the welfare roles. Illegals cost Rhode Island, $350,000,000.00 every year. That's the direct cost. That doesn't include the indirect costs of crime, drugs, and violence that they bring with them.

The direct costs equal $8,750 per illegal. Applied to the 30 million Illegal aliens SHTF America has realistically estimated across the nation, an ungodly sum of more than 260 billion dollars is computed as the direct cost of these Illegals to the American taxpayer every year. That does not include the indirect costs associated with crime, violence, drug enforcement, medical care, or education associated with harboring all of these Illegals. The American taxpayer simply cannot afford this extra burden every year.

If the American taxpayer must subsidize these people, then send them home where the dollar has more value relative to the local currency, and can provide more for them, with less money, and less cost to the American taxpayer. It's not like America is a stranger to Foreign Aid! To subsidize them, give them our jobs, educate them, give them no qualifying home loans, and care for them here in the USA at the expense of our own citizens, is nothing less than insanity!

Earlier this year, 2010, the Southeast Pima Medical facility in Arizona filed for bankruptcy with more than 100 million dollars of debt generated, primarily, in the free care of illegal foreign nationals. How many American patients now will not be served, how many vendors will disappear, and how many American jobs will be lost due to this bankruptcy?

How many latinos might this 100 million dollars have served had it been spent in Mexico or Central America where the buck yields eight pesos to the dollar and where hospitals, doctors fees, and prescription drugs are cheaper? These people need to go home. They are a serious drain on our economy. That example can be multiplied hundreds of times across the country, with hospitals and medical facilities in every state in the Union.

The cost of that free health care for non-citizens is staggering, in the many tens of billions of dollars every year, and one major reason health care is so expensive for American citizens who have to pay their own way. They are paying for Illegals too, as many of our costs are inflated to cover the losses generated by Illegals. Any fees or charges that the doctors and hospitals can't pass on to us are picked up by the federal government, which means that taxpayers have to pick up the costs. Just another reason we have such massive federal deficits.

Seal The Border

Send all illegals home and use the money we would save by not giving them free health care (that Americans don't have) to build a fence across our southern border, and it will save the American taxpayer many more billions of dollars every year, and every year thereafter when it is completed; than it will cost to build that fence across the southern border of the United States. Make it as secure as the DMZ between North and South Korea.

A secure southern border will save the American worker, taxpayer, and family a great deal of money and physical grief over the long run. It will deter drug smuggling, potential terrorists, and the invasion of America by Illegals. Crime will go down and wages will go up. Americans will go back to work and start spending again. The government will start collecting taxes from income and sales taxes. Deficits may not diminish unless budget cuts are made elsewhere, but the downward spiral in the economy can be halted by sending Illegals home.

If our government can secure the South Korean border with a hostile North Korea along the DMZ; at tremendous cost and the potential loss of 38,000 American troops, why can't we secure our own border against an invasion from "latino nation" with federal troops? Of course we can! Why does the federal government refuse to secure the border?

The intent of OUR government is to allow these invaders into America, give them amnesty, make them citizens of the United States, and then ask Americans if they want to belong to the North American Union. Of course these "new Americans" would want to belong to the North American Union, these "new Americans" are Mexican nationals!

The American people do not want a "North American Union". It has not been put to a referendum for the American people to decide before allowing this invasion of America by an alien race. To allow this invasion by an alien race, with an alien language, history, and culture to continue unchecked and unreversed is nothing less than treason by our elected officials!


Treason! SHTF America didn't stutter, or mumble. Its Treason, plain and simple. SHTF America predicts civil war in the United States if the federal government continues to allow this Invasion to continue unchecked and unreversed. If Obama continues to pursue this plan for amnesty as a prelude to imposing the North American Union on the citizens of the United States, Americans must rise up and lock arms in protest in every city and town, every village and hamlet across America, and demand his impreachment, arrest, and conviction for Treason!

Hispanic Politicians

In addition to the US Chamber of Commerce who seeks to exploit these people and US for cheap labor, these Illegals are supported by hispanic politicians. These hispanic politicians support these Illegals at the expense of their core constituency: hispanic-American citizens!


That's right! SHTF America just described the events at Pro Ranch Markets in Phoenix where 300 illegals lost their jobs and 300 hispanic-Americans got jobs that would not have been available to them otherwise. These hispanic politicians are simply looking for more power and money that an additional 30 million Illegal latinos would give them if amnesty were awarded to these Illegals at the expense of the American worker, taxpayer, and family.

Hispanic politicians cannot care anything about their core constituency who have elected them to serve their interests; or hispanic politicians would oppose Illegals for taking the jobs of hispanic-American citizens, for flooding their neighborhoods with drugs, and for bringing incredible violent crime into their districts.

The Catholic Church

San Javier Mission

Finally, these Illegal Invaders are supported by the Catholic Church. It is the Catholic Church that conceived and implemented the plan for the massive invasion of the United States by latinos. They transferred village priests to outposts in American cities, then these priests encouraged the young people in the village where they had served, to illegally relocate to the United States, where they are supported by a network of 500 Food Banks across America in the St Mary's Food Bank Alliance.


That's right! That's why whole villages in Mexico have been vacated and how their residents  have managed to relocate, illegally, without money, to every nook and cranny of the United States. It's a conspiracy to invade the United States by a Satanic Catholic Priesthood that desires more children to sodomize.


That's right! The Catholic Priesthood is a perverted, demonic, satanic priesthood that has committed heinous sex crimes all over the world while posing as Ambassadors of Christ! Wolves in sheep's clothing if such beasts have ever existed! The Satanic Catholic Priesthood has admitted to abusing more than 13,000 children and paying many billions of dollars in damages to these victims.

Virtually all of those crimes have been committed against children, destroying the lives of many thousands of victims all over the world! Tales of child abuse, sexual abuse, homosexuality, and sexual perversion have been exposed almost everywhere the Catholic Church is represented by a priest! Can anyone here say, RICO Laws?

This priesthood has been involved in human smuggling, money laundering, theft, embezzlement, and perversion of every type, kind, and quality. Is it any surprise then that it is the evil mastermind behind the Invasion of the United States? Does anyone really believe that 30 million latino nationals left their homes and migrated like a giant flock of freaking geese headed north for the summer?

The Satanic Catholic Priesthood has conceived, encouraged, trained, and supported this massive invasion of the United States, and solicited the support of the American people, using affiliate and similar groups and organizations in the name of Jesus Christ to impose the cost of this invasion upon the American taxpayer!

Illegals have been fed, clothed, housed, and employed by St Mary's Food Bank Alliance; and they have been directed to employment and other American social services by Catholic Charities. St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance of 500 Food Banks across America, represents the logistics division of the Invasion.

Any American military veteran will tell you that an Army, even an Army of One, and especially an Army 30 million strong, cannot march on an empty stomach. St Marys Food Bank Alliance of 500 Food Banks has been instrumental in, and fundamental to, the invasion of the United States by these Illegals. All of it designed by a Satanic Catholic Priesthood.

Additional Costs of Illegal Immigration

The Catholic Church has developed an entire support network for Illegals while seeking donations from American citizens to serve the "poor": only the "poor" are tens of millions of Illegal latinos who are invading the United States, taking our jobs, suppressing wages, committing heinous acts of violence, and bringing enormous quantities of drugs into the United States. For the Catholic Church it is an opportunity to fill the coffers and pews that white Americans have vacated due to the massive pedophilia in the Satanic Catholic Priesthood; and create a Catholic Empire from Pole to Pole.

If you contribute to St Mary's Food Bank Alliance, know that you are contributing to the invasion of the United States by more than 30 million nationals of a foreign power, whose publicly espoused desire is " re conquistor": which la Raza states is their plan to repossess the land and reclaim the southwest United States for latinos; replacing our jobs, language, history, and culture with their own; while accepting our charity. Indeed, they are financing their takeover of our country using our own generosity, and the generosity of our government, against US. Its a strategy taken straight out of the Communist Manifesto:  liberation theology at its best!

SHTF America first recognised the threat posed by these invaders about ten years ago. Interviewing a young 22 year old latino day laborer, an Illegal from Mexico, we discovered that his girlfriend, an American citizen, was about to have a baby. She worked for a title company and made nine dollars per hour. He worked when he could, for minimum wage. He told us that it was his fifth child with her and that he wanted a family of nine children because he was from a family of nine. SHTF America was astounded!


What did his girlfriend think about that? "Oh, she wants a family of twelve children, because she is from a family of twelve"! SHTF America just about shit his pants! How do you provide for a family of seven, if you only work from time to time and your girlfriend only makes nine dollars an hour? "Oh, my girlfriend gets food stamps and housing assistance, and I volunteer one day a week at St. Mary's Food Bank and they give me all the food we need. After we had the fourth child she qualified for a larger apartment and now with the fifth we will qualify for a house from Habitat For Humanity."

America the scam for your tax dollars and generosity is multiplied tens of millions of times like this every day! The young man was an illegal so he doesn't pay taxes on what income he earns, no matter how he earns it. He is not married so his wife claims not to know who the father is, or says it is an illegal in Mexico so the state and federal governments provide welfare for the mother and children. Not exactly what Lincoln had in mind for widows and orphans we would think. In the meantime, the Illegal cannot be held accountable and responsible for the children he fathers, because the state and federal governments cannot track and garnish his pay. American fathers would go to jail for failure to pay support for their children. Illegals get more benefits for every child they father.


That's right, Illegals get more financial support for every child they father!

Another case in point. We'll call her Maria, but that is not her name. At least it is not the name she goes by. She is twenty years old, a second generation Illegal like her father and mother before her. She was brought into the United States as a child. She quit school at 14 to have her first baby. She recently had her fourth child. Say what? Now she qualifies for more government assistance and a larger apartment. Maria's "husband", her boyfriend actually, is also an Illegal. He makes money by doing tattoos and selling drugs in west Phoenix. And Maria? Maria we have been told, and have confirmed independently, that she works "part-time" as a hooker, marketing herself on the Internet and by word of mouth.

America, you need to know that St Mary's Food Bank Alliance distributed more than one million diapers last year, primarily to illegals having children. Illegals had about 400,000 kids last year, and you need to know and understand what that means to your wallet, quality of life, and way of life going forward; because you, as the American taxpayer, will be paying for the next generation of Illegals too. 

If 40,000 illegals costs Rhode Island  $350 million dollars a year, how much will another 400,000 illegals cost American taxpayers next year, and every year thereafter, until they are old enough to multiply themselves? Try doing the multiplication for yourself. That's an additional $3.5 billion nationally on top of existing costs, and that cost is compounded every year. Every year brings a new crop of  home grown illegal "latino nation" foreign nationals that American taxpayers must subsidize. Over and over and over again, year after year after year, ad infinitum. America are you getting the picture?


That's right! Not only do more and more illegals cross the border, they proliferate once they get here on our tax money! The majority of these people are peasants from generations of peasants, kept that way by the Catholic Church to whom these people look to as an example and authority to follow. The Catholic Church says be fruitful and multiply, and why not? These people are not paying for perpetuation of their genome: American workers, families and taxpayers are paying the cost; both direct and indirectly.

The Catholic Church should have passed out a million condoms through St Mary's Food Bank Alliance of 500 Food Banks; but they didn't. Evidently, neither organization believes in personal responsibility and self restraint. Why would any person or group encourage people to either father or bear children they clearly cannot afford, and consign that individual and their children to a life of poverty, hunger, and ignorance? There is nothing charitable about that! Follow the money and the motivations of the Satanic Catholic Priesthood and you will have your answers.

As long as the Catholic Church has multitudes of poor, starving, masses of hungry, homeless, illiterate peasants that they can point to that require charity; the Catholic Church can solicit billions of dollars from the kind, generous, middle and wealthy classes around the world who contribute to the Catholic Church for the poor in good faith; only to discover that they merely perpetuate the perversions of a Satanic Catholic Priesthood, the Invasion of the United States, and the destruction of the middle class.

If American taxpayers and citizens provide this invading army with everything they need to survive and thrive, there is no incentive for these people to go home; or for them to exercise any self discipline or self restraint while they are here. Of course, this is exactly what the Catholic Church wants: generous, stupid, and blind American citizens without a clue, willing to fund their own demise.

America, you have been warned! Allow this sea of Illegals to stay in this country unchecked and unreversed, and everything you hold sacred as an American will disappear. It will be consumed by "latino nation" under the guiding hand of the Satanic Catholic Priesthood.

Mexican Civilization And Its Ruling Elite

The Illegals strategy to remain here, at our expense, is by having "anchor babies" that are citizens. This strategy by "latino nation" is intended to dispossess the American Civilization and replace it with their own: their own language, culture, traditions, and history, without the hard work of building or creating a civilization themselves.

If they want their own civilization: their language, customs, and traditions, why not create it in Mexico as Mexico is, and has been, a wealthy nation for hundreds of years? The fact is that most of these invaders are not well educated at all and as peasants and sheeple in Mexico, have been exploited by the ruling class there since their Founding Fathers took the land from the native people, just as ours did.

The immense inequity between the have and the have nots in Mexico fostered a armed revolutionary movement seeking a more equitable society and social and economic justice for all Mexican citizens; and that is the root of illegal drug trafficking. Drug trafficking and associated criminal activity gave economic hope and financial relief to that nation's desperate and impoverished masses, while funding the armed revolution.

If you don't grasp the great disparity in the income gap between the political and financial elite in Mexico and its impoverished poor, no problem! Do nothing about Illegal Immigration in the United States, and it will become a personal reality for you here! Because that is exactly what is happening in America. Economic disparity is being exported to the United States!

The ruling elite in Mexico are dumping their illiterate masses upon the American taxpayer, exporting  Mexico's poverty, thereby containing the revolutionary movement in Mexico for social and economic justice; but transferring that inequality to US imposing the cost and responsibility for educating and civilizing their unwashed masses upon the American taxpayer.

The poor and dispossessed in Mexico that have been successful in drug smuggling and criminal activity there, have grown wealthy on the drug trade and associated criminal activity, and they have no intentions of losing the privileges of wealth. They have repeatedly demonstrated their brutal, barbaric, and ruthless  terror tactics upon innocent civilians and authority figures in Mexico, in their attempt to seize control of the entire country; and they are succeeding!

Meanwhile, the Illegals pouring out of Mexico want to take our land and jobs and have US subsidize them while they do it.  Obama may even try to use the violence in Mexico as an excuse to grant 30 million Illegals amnesty, by refugee status; rather than by putting a cruise missile into the bedroom window of each member of the drug cartels. Military action would be the easiest and most surgical way to end a decades long assault on America by the Drug Lords, Cartels, and drug smugglers.

Give SHTF America twelve hundred cruise missiles and the authority to use them and SHTF America will end a decades long drug war in six months! That's only 200 cruise missiles a month! A small price to pay to eradicate the vermin!

Every time a Drug Lord is "terminated with prejudice", a lieutenant will take his place, and when that new drug lord is identified, "Boom!" he meets his Maker too! You must fight fire with fire; you must meet force with overwhelming force. The concept of bringing "Narco Terrorists" to justice is archaic. Kill them where ever you find them, whenever you find them, kill them.  America, can you say, "Predator Drones?

SHTF America will address "anchor babies" in a separate post as that issue is a Constitutional one.

Still More Costs of Illegal Immigration: Crimes Against America

Since 1999, more than one million sex crimes have been committed in the United States by Illegals, and that aggregate total is now dated. 35% of those crimes have been committed against children, and 25% of those crimes have been rapes. Crime is rampant in the Illegal latino community and much of it that is spilling over, is spilling over first, into the hispanic American community.

Car thefts, murders, kidnappings, burglaries, assaults, home invasions, and random drive by shootings have skyrocketed in America because this behavior reflects the culture and values of the Illegal latino population. In Sun City Arizona a couple years back, an 80 year old woman was raped and murdered by her gardener: an Illegal latino.


That's right! An 80 year old woman raped and murdered. She must have been very sexy, don't you think?Examples like this are too numerous to mention and you have probably heard it before. It never seems to end.

This kind of behavior by Illegals or the groups and organizations that support them, does not represent American values; nor does it represent the values that we have observed in the hispanic-American community in America. It represents the values of an invading army of criminals, thugs, and parasites seeking to conquer "turf" or enrich themselves; without respect for other people, or the law, rules, regulations, and customs of America. Police officers and Border Patrol Agents are shot, human smuggling is rampant, and the rape of women Illegals by their "coyotes" is commonplace. The Catholic Church, hispanic politicians, and the US Chamber of Commerce are complicit in all of these crimes.

When complaints are voiced against these invaders, those people, organizations, and groups that support them, cry: "Racists!" and "Racism!" and attempt to turn the legal, economic, and social debate into one of discrimination. Racism? Not so. SHTF America believes strongly in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society. But we also believe in an American Society resplendent in its history, culture, custom, and language and expect legal immigrants to assimilate into that melting pot as generations have done before them; rather than invade our nation illegally and set themselves apart from us with their own language, culture, and customs in an attempt to re conquer the Southwest.

America Is A Melting Pot: Not Menudo.

America has an African-American President. All of these individuals, organizations, and groups that support the Illegal Invasion of the United States and cry "Racism!" need to understand one simple fact: The Age Of White Guilt Is Over! That Age ended when Barak Obama was elected President of the United States of America by white, independent voters. If that statement is not true, then Barak Obama would have never won the Iowa Primary; a win that propelled him to the Oval Office. Iowa is about 98% white!

A strategy of "racism" by the proponents of the Illegal latino invasion is a strategy that is just not going to work in America anymore. Stick to the issues and the facts. You don't belong here. We didn't invite you here. You are here illegally. We don't want you here. We are going to send you home. You can go home peaceably, or we can arrest you and deport you. If you come back after we deport you, we will put you in jail.  It's our right and decision to send you home. It's your decision how you go home. Addios Amigos!

Good fences make good neighbors, and secure borders will renew the American Civilization which gave us the strongest, most powerful economy in the world. Happy Days can come again, but we must take our nation back from all individuals, groups, organizations and powers who seek to impose their agenda on US and destroy America.

At SHTF America, we thought that America was supposed to be a melting pot where every nationality could come, legally and under due process, assimilate into America, speak English, adapt to our culture, and become Americans. As it is, these Illegal latinos want all of the benefits of living in America, but none of the responsibilities.

Illegals have the attitude that they are entitled to the generosity of America; that welfare is their right, and the border does not exist.  They milk the system for everything they can get. They do not want to abide by our laws, nor do they want to make their rightful contribution to the defense of this country, while it is in combat, with the exception of a very few. To these few we say, "Welcome To America!"

Most Illegals do not want to assimilate into the country and this is evidenced by their desire to speak spanish in public, in the presence of English speaking Americans, and their attempts to make spanish a "second language" in America.

Illegals Protesting In America With A Mexican Flag

America is not Canada. Americans will not accept a second official language foisted upon them. Neither do we believe that taxpayers should pay for educating the children of illegals, or pay for special tutors to teach them English. Send these kids and their parents back to where they came from.

Divide America by language and you will start a civil war!

Even More Costs of Illegal Immigration

Close the extra schools that America does not need. Why should American taxpayers fund the education of 30 million foreign nationals and their children? It was and is expensive enough to educate our own. This expectation represents the thinking of "liberation theology" espoused by left wing Catholic Priests and supported by those individuals, groups, and organizations that exploit Illegals; and who want to pass the expense of their exploitation of these people on to US.


Thats right! Look closely and you will see that those same people, individuals, organizations, and groups that are most vocal in support of these invaders are those that exploit them the most; or profit the most from them, like teachers.

The public school system in this county is pathetic. It is a drain on American taxpayers. School vouchers are no better because they are just a cover to fund catholic schools to pass the cost of educating the children of Illegals on to US taxpayers surreptitiously. Schools are compensated by the federal government by the number of student-days in attendance; not by whether the children attending that school are citizens or not, and that is the way teachers like it. God forbid that a teacher should be displaced and have to find a new way to make a living!

Our Opposition

Make no mistake: SHTF America does not oppose legal immigration of highly qualified individuals under due process to fill technical positions or for temporary agricultural jobs for which there are openings. Nor do we oppose the Catholic faith. On the contrary, we believe in and cherish most of its tenants and precepts.

We do oppose a Satanic Catholic Priesthood that appears to be rotten to the core and operating in the United States in violation of our RICO laws. St Francis of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, and Mother Teresa, among many great saints of the catholic faith: would be embarrassed, mortified and appalled at the direction of the Catholic Church under its current leadership, and the horrific perversion of its priests against the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That same Jesus whom they not only represent as Ambassadors of Christ, but are required to emulate! The Catholic Church, but not the Catholic Faith, has become the "whore that sits on many waters" as prophesied in Revelation. Another sign that we are in the Last Days. God's judgement on the Catholic Church cannot be far off, and cannot come soon enough on this perverse, demonic priesthood.

November 2010

In November 2010 Americans must go to the polls and drain the swamp: as Congress is the festering cesspool of corruption, hypocrisy, and criminal activity that has allowed the financial rape of the American treasury, the transfer of the American means of production offshore, and the infiltration of an alien race that has invaded every nook and cranny in the United States to the detriment of its lawful citizens. All of these events and developments are clear violations of the trust of the American people and the oath these Congressmen and women took, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Treason on a grand scale!

We must purge the Congress of incumbents, particularly democratic incumbents, as these are the foot soldiers of a left wing movement to socialize America along the lines of Europe. If Europe was a model for Americans, there would never have been a need for an American Revolution. So, "for get about it!"


These democrats believe that allowing Illegals into the United States will give them more political power to impose their agenda of Big Government on US. And they are right! Amnesty for these illegals would totally transfer the political power to the democrats and American rights and liberties would be systematically dismantled in favor of a still larger, more powerful federal government that US taxpayers would be burdened with; and a move toward global socialism.

Amnesty would be the prelude to imposing the North American Union upon America. By allowing and encouraging this incredible, massive invasion by latinos into the United States, BIG government expects to transfer the political power away from natural born American citizens, to foreign born "new Americans" who would naturally want to join the North American Union, in a league with Canada and Mexico. And why not? They are primarily Mexican nationals! Once the Illegal Aliens are given amnesty any referendum on the issue would be distorted and pre-packaged from the start.

America Would Vanish.

America you have been warned! Allow this massive invasion by  latino nation to continue unchecked and unreversed, and you will consign America to the dust bin of history and everything you hold sacred will be devoured by these invaders. To allow the democrats this extension and consolidation of power would eventually mean subjugating the US Constitution and American Bill of Rights to the UN Charter. Can you say "higher taxes, more taxes"? Can you say, "blue helmeted police"?

There are reports on the Internet of an official letter signed by Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, that was personally viewed in Moscow by a retired, high ranking, US military officer;  of a request for the consideration of the Kremlin regarding the possible use of Russian troops in America under UN auspices, in the event of "widespread civil disorder". Reportedly, some NATO nations have already been asked and accepted the invitation to join a multinational force to quell American social unrest. Americans, can you imagine any "widespread civil disorder" that the most powerful military force in history could not quell?

SHTF America can imagine only one: when the US government dissolves the United States of America into the North American Union using "new Americans" to support a national referendum for the North American Union over the objections and without the permission of a two-thirds (67%)  majority of the natural born citizens of the United States; and American Citizens, American Patriots, American Veteran's and American Troops meet this violation of our national sovereignty and the dissolution of our Constitutional rights with armed resistance.


After the Congress is purged of these leftists, the American people must get squarely in the face of the Republican majority and explain to them that their election to office does not imply business as usual in the Congress, but with the other party in power.

Republican politicians are the vanguard of the New World Order. Illegal Immigration is their strategy to impoverish the American middle class by collapsing the earnings of the American family, and transferring that wealth to an elite minority of individuals and Big Businesses, at our expense.

 Do you hear that giant sucking sound? This is the time that Ross Perot warned us about: American jobs, American wealth, and American means of production to create and sustain that wealth and ensure the continuity of our society, is being sucked offshore by the New World Order. If that weren't enough, we are being invaded by an alien race with a separate and distinct language, history, and culture that is destroying the American economy, not enhancing it!


The mistake that the New World Order political and financial elite have made, is in using American troops, decade after decade after decade to pacify non-compliant nations. By doing that, they have created a battle-hardend core of many tens of millions of armed American citizens, verterans, and patriots that will refuse the imposition of the North American Union; and with force if necessary.

American troops are not conscripts, but volunteers; professional men and women of education and intelligence who will refuse an unlawful order to fire upon their fellow citizens; brothers, fathers, sisters, and mothers. Neither will the professional officers of the American military follow any leader intent on dissolving or destroying America and our Constitutional rights. These men and women are individuals of principle, valor, and honor. America's finest, these individuals are Patriots!

American men may guzzle beer and slog down hot dogs, pizzas, and hamburgers while watching Monday Night Football, but they will not allow the Stars and Stripes to be replaced by some tri-colored rag, created by some limp-wrist designer. In that vein, a recent contest was organized to totally "redesign" American money. The contest sounded innocuous enough, but SHTF America believes that this was an attempt by the left to float a trial balloon and measure the resistance to change by the American people of one of its cultural icons: the "greenback"!

To avoid a Second American Revolution, unprecedented violence, and a bloody resistance to the North American Union, New World Order, and One World Government; American citizens must become active, vocal, and organized to ensure that our right to self determination is preserved for future generations of Americans. We must take back America now! If we don't start now, the opportunity will be lost and America will vanish into a third world, North American Union.

The numbers are with us. We must organize now, before we become a nation of serfs. The "Silent Majority" cannot afford to remain silent anymore. Literally! We just cannot afford to remain silent any longer. To remain silent and disengaged is to delegate America, and ourselves, to third world status; and with a comparable quality of life.

SHTF America has two questions that need to be answered by our government to the American worker, taxpayer, and family: First, why does the Obama administration have an Open Border Policy, against the wishes of the American people? And, second, why in the hell are American taxpayers being required to subsidize this assault on their own civilization? We believe the answer is obvious and one and the same.

America, can you say "North American Union" as a prelude to the New World Order; and One World Government?

Necessary Actions: A Twelve Step Program

American citizens must take certain steps to reclaim this nation from those who seek to destroy it and manipulate it to serve certain special interests and powers against the health, safety, prosperity, and Constitutional rights of it's lawful citizens.

1. Americans must organize politically. Americans can no longer be disengaged from the political process. By being disengaged Americans have allowed the nation to teeter dangerously on the brink of becoming a third world nation; with third world inhabitants, and a third world quality of life.

2. Americans must contribute financially. Americans by the many millions must make small but important financial contributions to Patriots running for office.

3. Americans must eliminate incumbents. They are the problem, they cannot be part of the solution.

4. Americans must elect Patriots who want to restore traditional American values to public life and roll back both global socialism espoused by the Democrats, and global fascism pushed by the Republicans; all at the expense of the American people.

5. Americans must demand of their new government that the southern border of the United States be sealed by physical and electronic fences, and by federal troops in a manner equal to or better than the DMZ separating North and South Korea.

6. Americans must demand of their new government that all Illegals be ordered out of the United States. Americans must demand that Mexico take rightful responsibility for their unwashed masses. Illegals should be given 60 days to vacate the country or be subject to arrest, fines, and imprisonment. Any illegal found within the borders of the United States after 60 days should be jailed, fined, and deported. No amnesty shall be given and no sanctuary shall exist in any state, city, town, hamlet or church.

7. Americans must demand of their new government that any illegal deported and discovered to be within the borders of the United States after deportation should be fined, jailed and denied any possibility of ever visiting or residing in the United States legally. Subsequent violations, if any, should become more punitive.

8. Americans must demand of their new government that any group, organization or individual aiding , abetting, or espousing the Invasion of the United States should be prosecuted under our RICO laws and if found guilty, then fined, jailed, and dissolved.

9. Americans must demand of their new government, that promotion of the occupation, dissolution, separation, or division of America by any individual, group or organization be classified as a felony as "Aztland" is a myth conjured by "latino nation" to promote racism and the dissolution of America. Members of organizations that promote the dissolution of America should be deported if Illegal with no hope of return, or tried for treason if citizens. They are enemies of the United States of America.

10. Americans must demand of their new government that all illegals who have vacated the country may apply for a visa only under normal circumstances and guidelines, without special privileges or preferences, and through normal channels within their home countries according to law.

11. Americans must demand of their new government that anchor babies shall not be classified as American citizens, as they are the product of latino nationals who are citizens of other nations in the United States illegally. Such offspring cannot be considered an American citizen under the Constitution as their parents are under the jurisdiction of other nations.

12. Americans must demand of their new government that Narco Terrorists be given an ultimatum to surrender or die. After a 30 day grace period, all Narco Terrorists, Drug Lords, or Cartel Members who have not surrendered to authorities, shall be presumed guilty, a bounty placed upon their heads as wanted: "dead or alive", and Predator Drone cruise missiles should be used to kill them where ever and when ever they are found. No quarter shall be given.

Take Action

Americans email your US Representatives and voice your desire to arrest, fine, and deport these Illegals. Your civilization is at stake. Demand that federal agents investigate, arrest, and fine the CEO's of any company found employing Illegals. Its your job, or your neighbors job that is at stake.  Demand that corporations found guilty of hiring illegal invaders be stripped of their business license and their right to conduct business for one year.   Do it now!!!  And when you do, tell these criminals, cowards, and traitors you heard it at SHTF America!