Monday, February 21, 2011

The World Turned Upside Down

The world now knows that the Stuxnet worm (a.k.a. Thor's Hammer at SHTF Times) derailed the Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons; which is why the Ayatollahs tempered their rhetoric last fall and pushed for dialogue with the West. This was a strategy to ensure their continuity in power after more than a year away from the bargaining table as we predicted here last fall in The Next War Is On Hold.

Their strategy worked. With their nuclear option on hold until they can clean their computers, and unsuccessful negotiations that just stalled for time, over for now, the Ayatollahs are still in power, their military intact, and their capacity for nuclear weapons back on track, even if seriously delayed.

However do not for a minute believe that the Iranians have been so preoccupied with their nuclear arsenal that they have not had time to create mischief elsewhere. Activity in the Middle East, particularly Algeria, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have heated up. In our predictions for 2011 posted at SHTF Times, we predicted the food riots in Africa, which have sparked the “independence movement” that has swept these Muslim nations. We also predicted police state crackdowns to these demonstrations. That too is manifesting as these words are written.

If anyone thinks that these “spontaneous demonstrations” are “democracy movements”, think again. Where it ends is certain. How it gets there and how long it takes is anyone’s guess at this point. These nations are in turmoil and when the gun smoke clears, the dead buried, and the anguish of the families for their martyrs are over, expect the young, underlying populations in these countries to become more sympathetic to the Iranian regime and Radical Islam.

The West does not have the financial power to influence ideologies in the region, it’s broke, and the old guard rulers are passing away: figuratively and literally if some reports are to be believed. The King of Saudi Arabia, for example, is said to have had a heart attack as a result of the stress he is under.

Somehow the United States, itself the cradle of freedom and personal liberty in the modern world, continues to find itself on the wrong side of “independence movements”; dictator after dictator, after dictator. The list of puppets from Asia to South America to the Caribbean to the Middle East is a long line of police actions using American taxpayer funds to enforce and protect the oppressors against the oppressed time and time again.

Why? Why is that?

It’s simple really. Like all governments, the American government; every American government, believes that THEY are the source of peace, prosperity, tranquility, and stability: and that if THEY should fall, or their criminal friends should fall, then all is lost for the “people” whom they “serve”. That is their mistake.

First of all, they are not the government. The people of the United States of America are the government. The hacks in Washington DC in every Administration and the life-long bureaucrats that serve THEM, are merely caretakers appointed by the people and paid to serve US. They do a piss poor job of that and its high time WE taught them that lesson in no uncertain terms.

What WE deserve for our tax dollars is some simple, fucking, customer service: customer service that actually serves the American people and not the special interests (read: Gangster Banksters) that influences our paid, elected servants, to enrich themselves at our expense. Is that too much to ask considering that THEY are spending OUR money?

SHTF America doesn’t think so, do you?

On a global scale, the thieves and political thugs of Africa posing as “leaders” serving their people, like so many American Administrations, are on the wrong side of history because they are on the wrong side of the people.

Indeed they are on the wrong side of LIFE itself which MUST breathe free. LIFE must create, expand, and liberate itself; throwing off all unjust shackles which attempt to manipulate it, shape it, and force it to manifest in a manner against ITS very nature. LIFE must express what is inside, outside.

LIFE: novel, unique, and diverse, WILL have its way. That way is freedom, personal liberty, personal responsibility, and expression of its diversity in every manifestation of LIFE: political, economic, and social. It cannot be constrained by oppression. It cannot be restrained by injustice or inequality. It cannot be undermined by corrupt governments. This is the process expressing itself across the globe. It is LIFE yearning to breathe free in peace, justice, and equality. It will make its own opportunity if left to its own devices and manifestations.

If LIFE is resisted by the PTB, violence will result. Violence will result and eventually, the PTB everywhere in the world, including America, will be swept away as the hubris of history. The Soviet Union is a perfect example. Adolf Hitler is a perfect example. Hosani Mubarak is a perfect example.

The American ideal, codified in its founding documents is the Manifesto of Life: a manifesto that cannot be denied. No one, no government can suppress LIFE. They can try to pervert it and may be successful for a time in doing that, but eventually, LIFE will express itself.

Everyone should understand, especially the PTB, that a new burst of Freedom is coming to America too. It is LIFE manifesting itself in its most pure form. With it, more personal liberty will be manifested and more responsibility will be required by all individual Americans. This is why Americans must take ownership of their government; will take ownership of their government, or their government will attempt to enslave them, as other governments in other nations have done to their own people. That would be a repression of LIFE and LIFE cannot be repressed, thus violence would of necessity arise and bloodshed, could shed, would shed blood.

America, engage your government or be enslaved by it, because that is the very nature of government. As this new burst of Freedom manifests in America, government will become accountable to the people once again: one way or the other.

Resistance is futile. The Spirit of LIFE cannot be denied.