Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/11 Summary

The evidence is in and it is a woeful tale of espionage, mass murder, betrayal, destruction, fraud, and cover up.

9/11 was planned by bearded men in a cave. It was initiated by bearded men on airplanes brandishing box cutters to hijack the planes. It was executed and completed by circumcised men who had known of the plot for years, tracked and shadowed the bearded men with the box cutters, even in America.

The destruction of the World Trade Center was completed by these circumcised men, when the bearded men with box cutters failed to destroy the World Trade Center completely.

The WTC was purchased less than 90 days before its destruction for 3.3 billion dollars. What is curious about this purchase were the terms of sale, which included unique terms and conditions that insured the WTC Complex for 4.4 billion dollars if certain unusual and extenuating conditions arose with the destruction of the property.

Amazingly these specific conditions were met less than 90 days later with the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorist attack.

At the time of the attack only two towers were hit by aircraft. The third tower, Building 7, folded like a demolition on national TV. The crime scene was permeated with thermolite, a nanotechnology, high-explosive so sophisticated, that only a handful of governments around the world possess it.

The evidence is in. This operation was planned by bearded men in a cave. It was initiated by bearded men with box cutters on the planes, and it was executed to completion by the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.

Then the real investigation was torpedoed and covered up by the United States Government under George W. Bush, who used the attack as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, kill hundreds of thousands of people, and spend the lives of thousands of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines: while destroying their families to spread the gospel of crony capitalism under the gangster banksters, at the direction of the Dual Citizens who have infiltrated and permeate the Defense and National Security apparatus of the American Government.

SHTF America calls it treason.

The world has become a dangerous place indeed when our friends become our enemies and treacherously premeditate to murder more than 3,000 Americans for political gain. The only thing more despicable than this act of betrayal is the whitewash of the investigation by our own government. 

Can you say, "Pearl Harbor"? Can you say, "Gulf of Tonkin"?