Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry: Evolution & Politics

The Lame Stream Media is making a really big deal of the comments made by Presidential Candidate Rick Perry’s assertion that “God is how we got here!” in response to a question about whether he believed in Evolution or Creation while on the campaign trail. This has been a life-long debate, that surpasses even euthanasia for the terminally ill, the right to an abortion or not, entitlement spending and gay rights.


Today let’s stick with Evolution vs Creationism. For the opposing groups that support their particular point of view, there appears to be no middle ground. It’s either, or. At SHTF America we believe that is a foolish approach that denies the evidence for each, and the evidence is in. Clearly species are evolving over time: Humankind perhaps more than others.

In humans there appears to be significant physical changes over time in comparison to early hominoids, and there also appears to be a significant change in mental capacity as we investigate our surroundings, interact with it, and shape the environment.

Man seems to have appeared upon the planet a couple to a few million years ago, as a distinct species, separate from other primates. No scientific evidence has ever surfaced to directly connect humans to primates. Yet amazingly, evidence periodically surfaces describing the changes in the lives of dinosaurs, and other mammals, even sea creatures, going back many tens even hundreds of millions of years. Why no Missing Link for man?

The answer is simple. There isn’t any. There is no missing link.  Man appeared upon the planet.

Is SHTF America suggesting that aliens deposited human hominoids here? No, absolutely not. Man was created in God’s image and in His good time, and man, first a spiritual being, became a living soul in the flesh. Once Man emerged into a physical, fleshly body, man became subject to the physical laws of matter in the universe, and subject to space time.

Prior to that point, Man was only a spiritual being made in the image of God as a spirit, because God is Spirit: The Spirit of Life.  We are spiritual beings first with spiritual faculties similar to our physical attributes characterized by smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. Our spiritual self is not confined to the limits of space time, or subject to the physical laws of the universe. Our spiritual essence is consciousness, and that consciousness transcends time and space and matter.
Now that Evolution vs Creation has been settled, let's get busy on America's business.