Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/11 Summary

The evidence is in and it is a woeful tale of espionage, mass murder, betrayal, destruction, fraud, and cover up.

9/11 was planned by bearded men in a cave. It was initiated by bearded men on airplanes brandishing box cutters to hijack the planes. It was executed and completed by circumcised men who had known of the plot for years, tracked and shadowed the bearded men with the box cutters, even in America.

The destruction of the World Trade Center was completed by these circumcised men, when the bearded men with box cutters failed to destroy the World Trade Center completely.

The WTC was purchased less than 90 days before its destruction for 3.3 billion dollars. What is curious about this purchase were the terms of sale, which included unique terms and conditions that insured the WTC Complex for 4.4 billion dollars if certain unusual and extenuating conditions arose with the destruction of the property.

Amazingly these specific conditions were met less than 90 days later with the destruction of the World Trade Center by terrorist attack.

At the time of the attack only two towers were hit by aircraft. The third tower, Building 7, folded like a demolition on national TV. The crime scene was permeated with thermolite, a nanotechnology, high-explosive so sophisticated, that only a handful of governments around the world possess it.

The evidence is in. This operation was planned by bearded men in a cave. It was initiated by bearded men with box cutters on the planes, and it was executed to completion by the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.

Then the real investigation was torpedoed and covered up by the United States Government under George W. Bush, who used the attack as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, kill hundreds of thousands of people, and spend the lives of thousands of American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines: while destroying their families to spread the gospel of crony capitalism under the gangster banksters, at the direction of the Dual Citizens who have infiltrated and permeate the Defense and National Security apparatus of the American Government.

SHTF America calls it treason.

The world has become a dangerous place indeed when our friends become our enemies and treacherously premeditate to murder more than 3,000 Americans for political gain. The only thing more despicable than this act of betrayal is the whitewash of the investigation by our own government. 

Can you say, "Pearl Harbor"? Can you say, "Gulf of Tonkin"? 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rick Perry: Evolution & Politics

The Lame Stream Media is making a really big deal of the comments made by Presidential Candidate Rick Perry’s assertion that “God is how we got here!” in response to a question about whether he believed in Evolution or Creation while on the campaign trail. This has been a life-long debate, that surpasses even euthanasia for the terminally ill, the right to an abortion or not, entitlement spending and gay rights.


Today let’s stick with Evolution vs Creationism. For the opposing groups that support their particular point of view, there appears to be no middle ground. It’s either, or. At SHTF America we believe that is a foolish approach that denies the evidence for each, and the evidence is in. Clearly species are evolving over time: Humankind perhaps more than others.

In humans there appears to be significant physical changes over time in comparison to early hominoids, and there also appears to be a significant change in mental capacity as we investigate our surroundings, interact with it, and shape the environment.

Man seems to have appeared upon the planet a couple to a few million years ago, as a distinct species, separate from other primates. No scientific evidence has ever surfaced to directly connect humans to primates. Yet amazingly, evidence periodically surfaces describing the changes in the lives of dinosaurs, and other mammals, even sea creatures, going back many tens even hundreds of millions of years. Why no Missing Link for man?

The answer is simple. There isn’t any. There is no missing link.  Man appeared upon the planet.

Is SHTF America suggesting that aliens deposited human hominoids here? No, absolutely not. Man was created in God’s image and in His good time, and man, first a spiritual being, became a living soul in the flesh. Once Man emerged into a physical, fleshly body, man became subject to the physical laws of matter in the universe, and subject to space time.

Prior to that point, Man was only a spiritual being made in the image of God as a spirit, because God is Spirit: The Spirit of Life.  We are spiritual beings first with spiritual faculties similar to our physical attributes characterized by smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. Our spiritual self is not confined to the limits of space time, or subject to the physical laws of the universe. Our spiritual essence is consciousness, and that consciousness transcends time and space and matter.
Now that Evolution vs Creation has been settled, let's get busy on America's business.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Is There A Fourth of July In England?

July 4th, 1776

On July 2, 1776 the Second Continental Congress approved a resolution of independence proposed in June by Richard Henry Lee, a representative from Virginia. Once that Resolution was passed, debate began on a draft of the Declaration of Independence which had been prepared by a Committee of Five who had been appointed to write a Declaration of Independence  explaining the reasons that justified the separation of the 13 Colonies from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Ben Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Robert Livingston were chosen to draft the Declaration. Jefferson was the primary author, with the most input from Franklin and Adams, who had written an initial resolution and submitted it to the Assembly on May 15th. Sherman and Livingston also made contributions, but Jefferson is the one history regards as the primary author of the Declaration of Independence. In truth it was a collaboration of great minds, inspired by Nature’s God.

“The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forever more.”   

–   John Adams in a letter to his wife Abigal.

On July 2nd then, the Assembly began the debate on the draft provided by the Committee of Five. Additions and deletions were made over the next two days and on July 4th, 1776 the Second Continental Congress adopted and signed the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. Thus the United States of America was born of Nature’s God: Creator of all things visible and invisible in the universe, as a Manifesto of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all mankind. 

                                                         LET FREEDOM RING!

Do you think it strange my friend, that on the Fourth their lives should end? Do you think it strange indeed, that two who authored Freedom's Creed, should die on the 50th Anniversary of Life, and Love, and Liberty?

Don't you think it strange my friend, that on the Fourth, their lives should end?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day And The Patriot Act

The last Monday of May is Memorial Day. It is a day in which America remembers her fallen soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. It began as a remembrance of Civil War dead but has come to be recognized as a day to honor all military men and women killed in battle in defense of this country. Congress made it a permanent, official, holiday in 1971.
These brave men and women died in service to their country, so the rest of US might continue in the freedoms and personal liberties under Nature’s God that were codified in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights which were bequeathed to US by our Founding Fathers more than 230 years ago.

Generation, after generation, after generation, from Valley Forge to Gettysburg, from Flanders Field to Normandy Beaches, from Khe Sanh to Iraq and Afghanistan, American patriots have stepped forward in every time and season over the centuries to defend the rights, freedoms, and personal liberties enshrined in these documents. These are not mere words. This is the DNA of America. These documents are a Manifesto of Life that proclaim and guarantee individual liberties and the pursuit of happiness for each American throughout the land. Without these documents, America does not exist. With these documents, America is a light to all of human kind.

The DNA of America is under assault. Our Manifesto of Life is under assault.

The root and source of everything truly unique and American is under assault by Globalists. These Globalists are historically, the uber rich and the political and financial elite in America and around the world, who want to manipulate and control the economic, political, and social life of America and all of the other people in every other nation in the world, in order to maintain their own personal position at the top of the food chain for themselves and their progeny.

Globalists also include major institutions, like the Satanic Catholic Priesthood, and other "charitable" organizations who seek to exploit the middle class in the name of God, the poor, and "social justice" while they line their own pockets and use  donations to support a perverse and often criminal lifestyle; or use your donation for the poor to fund their hidden agenda.

Globalists profess to believe in “diversity” yet seek to homogenize everyone and are doing all they can to manipulate the masses through the Lame Stream Mass Media. They are simultaneously spreading both socialism for the middle and lower classes, and corporate fascism for the PTB. All of it paid for by taxes from the Middle Class.

At the same time, they are working to dumb down the masses with a national education program dictated by a central agency, rather than leaving the responsibility for the education of children on the local level and at the feet of the individual parents, where it belongs. University education, meanwhile, has become a quagmire of debt with fewer opportunities within America for American graduates.

It is easy to recognize a Globalist. They say one thing but mean another. When President O'bummer says he wants to increase exports 20% a year, over five years, what he means is that the value of the dollar is going to drop through inflation and exchange rate mechanisms destroying American purchasing power and the standard of living by 20% per year for all Americans. So what he is telling US is that inflation is coming, your dollars will buy less, and your quality of life will be drastically diminished.

Globalists say they will do one thing, but do another. "Free Trade"  is a euphanism for transferring the American means of production and the jobs associated with that production, offshore. Watch what they do, not what they say, and you will recognize the intent of their words by their deeds, and the results to your personal wealth and your family's well being.

The Globalists have taken the wealth of America and Europe where the energy and enterprise of their people have created it over generations, and are in the process of redistributing that wealth, the means of production, and the opportunities that rightfully belong to the American and European people, to other nations and other people in the name of world peace.

But “world peace” is just a cover for the exploitation of international labor and individual enterprise in the Third World, for the enormous, compounded, immoral profits for the Gangster Banksters, who will profit the most from the development of the Third World. The $40 billion of aid that the West has miraculously manifested from its taxpayers for the development of the Middle East after the “Arab Spring”, is just the latest transfer of wealth; and that at a time when both Europe and America are broke and its citizens burdened with enormous national debts.
Where did all the money go? To the Globalists of course, who get richer and richer while the Middle Class in Europe and America are stripped of their wealth, denied the opportunity that has historically been theirs, and burdened with subsidizing the really, really poor. In America today, the top 1% of the population has more wealth that the bottom 95%. Globally, the top 5% of the population has more wealth than the bottom 95%. Most of this disparity has occurred in the past 30 years. Free Trade is not "Free". And it is not "FAIR".

The intent of the Globalists is to so burden the Middle Class in America and Europe with so much debt that they would consent to a new economic system, under new rules. Rules that would further enrich the uber rich and solidify the world into two classes: those that have and those who have not. To do that the US Constitution has to be abolished first, and it's protections for everyday people destroyed and replaced with a Compact under UN auspices.

In the United States, the political and financial elite that control the Congress have enacted Rules, Regulations, and Laws contrary to the US Constitution, in an attempt to erode the rights, personal liberties, and freedoms of Americans. It is a creeping gradualism that seeks to minimize individual rights in favor of the collective. The "collective" meaning to the financial benefit of the Globalists.

We will not mention here the annual attempt to impose gun control upon a people who are guaranteed the right to possess and bear arms by their Constitution; or O’bummer Care which attempted to force Americans to buy health insurance from Big Business. These are just a few of the latest examples of American rights under attack.

The Patriot Act, renewed late last week as an obvious gesture to American patriots, was extended for another four years by Congress. It is a law with rules and regulations diametrically opposed to the DNA of America. It is a shameful blight upon the American rule of law under Nature’s God: The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights; allowing massive invasions of personal privacy, including roving (carte blanche) wiretaps on American citizens, the repeal of habeas corpus, and warrantless searches. All of this, just days before we honor those who died for our freedoms, rights, and liberties. How deceitful, demeaning, distasteful, and dishonorable of Congress!

Sen Mark Udall of Colorado, who is a member of both the Senate Armed Services and Intelligence Committees, opposed the recent renewal of the Patriot Act in a speech on the floor of the US Senate because he believes it unlawfully infringes upon the rights and liberties of American citizens, and is being used by the government in unintended ways which the American people do not fully understand. He is privy to classified information so he knows what he is talking about.

He put it this way:

“I cannot support the extension of the provisions we are considering today without amendments to ensure there is a check on executive branch authority, .... I don’t believe that the Coloradans who elected me to represent them would accept it either.  Mr President, Americans would be alarmed if they knew how this law was being carried out,   I still have concerns about the individual provisions we are considering today.

We just voted to invoke cloture – to cut off debate – on the four-year extension of provisions that give the government wide-ranging authority to conduct wiretaps on groups and individuals or collect private citizens’ records. And I voted no because this debate should not be over without a real chance to improve these authorities. I recently supported a three month extension of these expiring provisions as a bridge so that the Senate could take time to debate and amend the Patriot Act. We were promised that debate. But that opportunity is slipping through our hands. I want to stay here and continue making the case to the American people that this bill should be improved.

While a number of  Patriot Act provisions are permanent and remain in place to give our intelligence community important tools to fight terrorism, the three controversial provisions we are debating – commonly known as roving wire-tap, lone wolf and business records – are ripe for abuse and threaten Americans’ constitutional freedoms. Mr. President, I know that we must balance the principles of liberty and security. I firmly believe that terrorism is a serious threat to the United States…and we must be sharply focused in seeking to protect the American people.

In fact, with my seats on the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee, much of my attention is centered on keeping Americans safe, both here and abroad. I also recognize that despite Osama bin Laden’s death, we still live in a world where terrorism is a serious threat to our country, our economy, and to American lives. Our government does need the appropriate surveillance and anti-terrorism tools to achieve these important goals.

However, we need to and we can strike a better balance between protecting our national security and the constitutional freedoms of our people. For example, this debate has failed to recognize that current surveillance programs need improved public oversight and accountability. I know that Americans believe that we ought to only use Patriot Act powers to investigate terrorist- or espionage-related targets.

Yet, section 215 of the Patriot Act, the so-called “business records” provision, currently allows records to be collected on law-abiding Americans, without ANY connection to terrorism or espionage. If we cannot even limit investigations to terrorism or other nefarious activities, where do they end? Coloradans are demanding that in addition to the review of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, we place common-sense limits on government investigations and link data collection to terrorist- or espionage-related activities.

If, or should I say when, Congress passes this bill to extend the Patriot Act until 2015, it will mean that for four more years, the federal government will have access to private information about Americans who have no connection to terrorism – without sufficient accountability and no public awareness about how these powers are used.

Again, I want to underline we all agree the intelligence community needs effective tools to combat terrorism, but we must provide those tools in a way that protects the constitutional freedoms of our people and lives up to the standard of transparency that democracy demands. And again, I want to say that as a member of the Intelligence Committee, while I cannot say how this authority is being used, I believe it is ripe for potential abuse and MUST be improved to preserve the constitutionally protected privacy rights of individual, innocent American citizens.

Toward that goal, I have worked side-by-side with my colleagues to come up with common sense fixes that could receive bipartisan support. For example, Senator Wyden and I have filed an amendment that would require the Department of Justice to disclose the official legal interpretation of the provisions of the Patriot Act. This would make sure that the federal government is only using these powers in ways the American people believe they are authorizing them to.

While I believe that our intelligence practices should be kept secret, I do not believe that the government’s official interpretation of these laws should be kept secret. This is an important part of our oversight duties and I look forward to working with Chairwoman Feinstein in the Intelligence Committee to ensure this oversight occurs.

I have also filed my own amendments to address some of the problems I see with the roving wire-tap, lone wolf and business records provisions. For example, I was joined by Senator Wyden in filing an amendment designed to narrow the scope of the “business record” materials that can be collected under Section 215 of the Patriot Act – and I just highlighted some of the problems with that provision. Our amendment would still allow law enforcement agencies to use the Patriot Act to obtain investigation records, but would also require those entities to demonstrate that the records are in some way connected to terrorism or clandestine intelligence activities.

Law enforcement currently can obtain any kind of records. In fact, the Patriots Act’s only limitation states that such information has to be related to “any tangible thing.” That’s right, as long as these business records are related to “any tangible thing,” the U.S. government can require businesses to turn over information on their customers, whether or not there is a link to terrorism or espionage. I’ve got to say, I just don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask our law enforcement agencies to identify a terrorism or espionage investigation before collecting the private information of law-abiding American citizens.

These amendments represent but a few of the reform ideas that could have been debated. But without further debate on these issues, this or any other administration can abuse the Patriot Act, and because of the need to keep classified material classified, Congress cannot publicly fulfill our oversight responsibilities on behalf of the American people.

Mr. President, I plan to vote against the reauthorization of these three expiring provisions because we have failed to implement any reforms that would sensibly restrain these overbroad provisions. In the nearly 10 years since Congress passed the Patriot Act, there has been very little opportunity to improve this law. And I for one, am very disappointed that we are once again being rushed into approving policies that threaten the privacy of the American people.

The bill that is before us today does not live up to the balanced standard the framers of our Constitution envisioned to protect both liberty and security, and I believe it seriously risks the constitutional freedoms of our people. And by passing this un-amended reauthorization we are ensuring that Americans will live with the status quo for four more long years. I’m disappointed and know that many more of our constituents would be disappointed if they were able to understand the implications of our inaction on these troubling issues.

There is a gravitational pull to secrecy I think we all have as human beings. It’s hard to resist it. And the whole point of the checks and balances that our Founders put in place was to ensure that power couldn’t be consolidated and that power abused, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

We’d all like to be king for a day. We all have ideas about how to make the world a better place. But we know the danger of giving that power to one person or a group of people. Ben Franklin said it so well – I can’t do justice to his remarks, but to paraphrase him: He said that a society that would trade essential liberty for short-term security deserves neither. And our job as Senators is to ensure that we actually enjoy both of those precious qualities: security and liberty “.

What the good Senator is telling US, but cannot in fact tell US under the secrecy laws, is that the Administrations who have had these powers are interpreting the Patriot Act differently then it was intended to be implemented and have amassed unbelieveable amounts of personal data on every American whether connected to a terrorist organization or not, and with the computer power possessed by the Government can tap into all of our phone records, computer keystrokes, financial records, store purchases, and generate a psychological profile of any particular individual just by examing a persons on-line opinion responses to web site surveys and their comments posted in response to any article.

America, do you hear that rumbling in the Earth? It is our Founding Fathers and our Hallowed Dead, Patriots all, who paid the ultimate price for our liberties; rolling over in their graves. There is nothing patriotic about the Patriot Act. It is an abomination to all freedom loving Americans.

Big Brother needs to go: NOW!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trump Doesn't Get It!

In the past few weeks, Donald Trump, most noted for trumpeting his own horn and telling Americans what a great President he would be, has insulted the Chinese by calling them “motherfuckers”, while claiming that the people in Washington DC who run the government are “stupid”.  

Donald, you are naïve.    SAY WHAT?     Naïve.

You believe that the people in Washington DC are “stupid”, and like most Americans, believe that OUR government is incompetent. Not so, Donald. The people inside the beltway are highly intelligent and highly competent.

That is what makes them so dangerous.

They know exactly what they are doing, Donald, and what they are doing to US. Your lack of understanding is excusable as you labor under the premise, like most Americans, that they are trying to do what’s good for America. They are not. That is your error. They are doing what is good for the lobbyists and gangster banksters. They are doing what the lobbyists and gangster banksters want them to do.

They are intentionally destroying the American economy.

They are intentionally burdening future generations of Americans with unsustainable spending and a legacy of debt that no honest people could ever hope to repay. They have intentionally allowed, no they have encouraged, more than 40,000 factories and tens of millions of jobs to be shipped offshore, stripping America of the opportunity that rightfully belongs to Americans, and crippling the ability of America to generate the income necessary to repay its national debt.

Under the banner of “Free Trade” they have allowed the globalist gangster banksters to make enormous profits by exploiting cheap international labor, at the expense of the American worker, family, and taxpayer; while they finance and invest in these offshore (Chinese) corporations, or the subsidiaries of multi-national corporations, using American depositor funds to hasten the demise of the American economy.


Why would elected officials of both the Democratic and Republican parties, with ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities to the American people, systematically dismantle the American economy and fail to secure OUR borders? Haven’t they secured the border of South Korea with the North and backed that security with 38,000 American troops? Why won’t they secure OUR own borders?

It’s simple really.

Watch what they do, not what they say. If you do, you will see that the intent is to allow many tens of millions of latinos into the USA to lower the cost of wages for Big Business and create additional many tens of millions of “new Americans”, by Amnesty, to vote for the dissolution of the US Constitution and the merger of the USA with Mexico into the North American Union: a contract that would destroy the rights of every true American.

The people in DC inside the beltway know exactly what they are doing Donald. And they know exactly what they are doing to US.

Eradicate the G-Flu: R1, D1, L1.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Japan Nukes: Godzilla In The Mists

The tragic nuclear events that followed the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan should have been foreseen.  In retrospect it is obvious that these reactors were an accident waiting to happen.

First, these nuclear plants were built along the Ring of Fire, the largest, most seismically active geological feature in the world.

Second, global earth science fully understands the movements of plate tectonics, that created the Alps, Andes, Himalayas, and Rocky Mountains. To think that the forces that created these kinds of earth changes would not happen again is not only unwise, but demonstrates criminal negligence on the part of the Japanese government, the IAEA, and any other global agency that is responsible for the development of nuclear power.

Third, it is clear that some of the Japanese plants were not sufficiently hardened and the designs themselves are substandard, without adequate safeguards, and do not conform to our best understanding of nuclear power engineering. A few of these substandard reactors should have been decommissioned long ago.

Hindsight is always 20/20, but truthfully, the likelihood of a nuclear accident at this location should have been obvious. The dangers were downplayed there as they have been everywhere else; including in the United States, where we too, have nuclear plants on fault zones, near large population centers.


The United States has many nuclear plants located along known fault zones, near large population centers.

Asinine isn’t it? More than that it is criminal; and worse when a nuclear accident occurs, it is virtually impossible to “clean up”. It can only be “entombed”. Of course if that nuclear accident occurs at Hanford Washington where nuclear waste threatens the ground water and Columbia River System, it would cost about $8 billion dollars to clean up: if the government knew how to clean it up. It doesn’t. Without a government “clean up” of this toxic spill, Portland Oregon, the quintessential green city may someday glow in the dark, its drinking water contaminated, and unfit for consumption.

As great as the danger is from an accident at a nuclear plant from earthquake, the greatest danger is from spent nuclear fuel. Spent fuel from a breeder reactor takes 1,000 years for the n-waste to lose its fatal toxicity. Spent fuel from a normal reactor takes 10,000 years to decay to a point where it is no longer lethal to human life.

Until scientists create a microbe that will eat nuclear waste, neutralize it, release water, and excrete gold or hydrocarbons, a moratorium should be placed on all nuclear power development everywhere in the world.

Currently, there are 1,000 proposed nuclear plants on the drawing boards in America waiting for Congressional approval. Why Congressional approval? The nuclear industry wants the American taxpayer to fund the costs of these plants and insure them for the owners (read; Bechtal and GE), mitigating all financial and operational risk to the builders and owners; while they charge US increasing costs for our energy. GE, let us point out, one of the largest corporations in America, paid zero income taxes in 2010.

SAY WHAT?     GE paid NO corporate income taxes last year.

Each plant would cost the American taxpayer $25 to $30 billion before cost over runs, with no risk to the builders and owners who would then charge US increasing costs for the energy that we insured and bought and paid for in advance.

It’s the gangster banksters all over again. Just say “NO!”, “ HELL NO!” to nuclear energy. Click: SHTF Energy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Protest In Place: Horns Across America

We encourage our readers at SHTF America to check SHTF Times-Epitaph for an important message. Click the title here or use the link to SHTF Times on your left. Your participation is highly recommended and urgently encourged. Copy and paste the quote everywhere! Make OUR voice heard. Honk your horn.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The World Turned Upside Down

The world now knows that the Stuxnet worm (a.k.a. Thor's Hammer at SHTF Times) derailed the Iranian pursuit of nuclear weapons; which is why the Ayatollahs tempered their rhetoric last fall and pushed for dialogue with the West. This was a strategy to ensure their continuity in power after more than a year away from the bargaining table as we predicted here last fall in The Next War Is On Hold.

Their strategy worked. With their nuclear option on hold until they can clean their computers, and unsuccessful negotiations that just stalled for time, over for now, the Ayatollahs are still in power, their military intact, and their capacity for nuclear weapons back on track, even if seriously delayed.

However do not for a minute believe that the Iranians have been so preoccupied with their nuclear arsenal that they have not had time to create mischief elsewhere. Activity in the Middle East, particularly Algeria, Bahrain, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have heated up. In our predictions for 2011 posted at SHTF Times, we predicted the food riots in Africa, which have sparked the “independence movement” that has swept these Muslim nations. We also predicted police state crackdowns to these demonstrations. That too is manifesting as these words are written.

If anyone thinks that these “spontaneous demonstrations” are “democracy movements”, think again. Where it ends is certain. How it gets there and how long it takes is anyone’s guess at this point. These nations are in turmoil and when the gun smoke clears, the dead buried, and the anguish of the families for their martyrs are over, expect the young, underlying populations in these countries to become more sympathetic to the Iranian regime and Radical Islam.

The West does not have the financial power to influence ideologies in the region, it’s broke, and the old guard rulers are passing away: figuratively and literally if some reports are to be believed. The King of Saudi Arabia, for example, is said to have had a heart attack as a result of the stress he is under.

Somehow the United States, itself the cradle of freedom and personal liberty in the modern world, continues to find itself on the wrong side of “independence movements”; dictator after dictator, after dictator. The list of puppets from Asia to South America to the Caribbean to the Middle East is a long line of police actions using American taxpayer funds to enforce and protect the oppressors against the oppressed time and time again.

Why? Why is that?

It’s simple really. Like all governments, the American government; every American government, believes that THEY are the source of peace, prosperity, tranquility, and stability: and that if THEY should fall, or their criminal friends should fall, then all is lost for the “people” whom they “serve”. That is their mistake.

First of all, they are not the government. The people of the United States of America are the government. The hacks in Washington DC in every Administration and the life-long bureaucrats that serve THEM, are merely caretakers appointed by the people and paid to serve US. They do a piss poor job of that and its high time WE taught them that lesson in no uncertain terms.

What WE deserve for our tax dollars is some simple, fucking, customer service: customer service that actually serves the American people and not the special interests (read: Gangster Banksters) that influences our paid, elected servants, to enrich themselves at our expense. Is that too much to ask considering that THEY are spending OUR money?

SHTF America doesn’t think so, do you?

On a global scale, the thieves and political thugs of Africa posing as “leaders” serving their people, like so many American Administrations, are on the wrong side of history because they are on the wrong side of the people.

Indeed they are on the wrong side of LIFE itself which MUST breathe free. LIFE must create, expand, and liberate itself; throwing off all unjust shackles which attempt to manipulate it, shape it, and force it to manifest in a manner against ITS very nature. LIFE must express what is inside, outside.

LIFE: novel, unique, and diverse, WILL have its way. That way is freedom, personal liberty, personal responsibility, and expression of its diversity in every manifestation of LIFE: political, economic, and social. It cannot be constrained by oppression. It cannot be restrained by injustice or inequality. It cannot be undermined by corrupt governments. This is the process expressing itself across the globe. It is LIFE yearning to breathe free in peace, justice, and equality. It will make its own opportunity if left to its own devices and manifestations.

If LIFE is resisted by the PTB, violence will result. Violence will result and eventually, the PTB everywhere in the world, including America, will be swept away as the hubris of history. The Soviet Union is a perfect example. Adolf Hitler is a perfect example. Hosani Mubarak is a perfect example.

The American ideal, codified in its founding documents is the Manifesto of Life: a manifesto that cannot be denied. No one, no government can suppress LIFE. They can try to pervert it and may be successful for a time in doing that, but eventually, LIFE will express itself.

Everyone should understand, especially the PTB, that a new burst of Freedom is coming to America too. It is LIFE manifesting itself in its most pure form. With it, more personal liberty will be manifested and more responsibility will be required by all individual Americans. This is why Americans must take ownership of their government; will take ownership of their government, or their government will attempt to enslave them, as other governments in other nations have done to their own people. That would be a repression of LIFE and LIFE cannot be repressed, thus violence would of necessity arise and bloodshed, could shed, would shed blood.

America, engage your government or be enslaved by it, because that is the very nature of government. As this new burst of Freedom manifests in America, government will become accountable to the people once again: one way or the other.

Resistance is futile. The Spirit of LIFE cannot be denied.