Friday, July 30, 2010

The Next War Is Now

Another war is eminent. Probably within months. Iran is pursuing the development of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons as is their sovereign right; over the objections of Israel,  the United States, and Europe. Even Russia and China have agreed to additional, more punitive sanctions against Iran in hopes of stopping the development of an Iranian nuclear arsenal. This attempt will prove to be unsuccessful and the world powers know it, but hope at least, to slow Iranian progress.

The United States could live with a nuclear Iran. After all, the USA lived with a nuclear Soviet Union, and then later, with a nuclear Red China. Unfortunately, Israel cannot live with a nuclear Iran. The leader of Iran has publicly stated a number of times, the desire and intent of his administration, to "wipe Israel off the map". Such rhetoric has to be taken seriously when the survival of a nation is at stake. Especially when it is your nation expressly identified as the target.

Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, period. The closer Iran gets to the possession and deployment of a nuclear device, the closer Iran gets to a First Strike by Israel. This will not be a surgical strike of one suspected reactor like those that have taken place in Iraq under Saddam, or most recently in Syria. This will be an overwhelming first strike that will reduce Iran's nuclear facilities and a majority of its military facilities to rubble. It cannot be less than that and be successful and the world powers know it. So what is the sound made by an immovable object when it is struck by an irresistible force?

Once an attack is launched by Israel, Iran will counter with a strike at  US interests in the Persian Gulf. The US will respond and finish the job that Israel started. Iran may have a secret treaty with North Korea to enter the war they know is coming.  Treaty or not, North Korea may sit this one out. We all know that North Korea leadership is insane, but is it suicidal?  If it enters the war it will ultimately be to their chagrin, but Soul will be decimated in a matter of minutes as the North Koreans have 10,00 long range artillery pieces trained on that city. North Korea will move to invade South Korea once again, gobble as much territory as possible, and seek a "truce" to consolidate their gains. This time, look for them to skirt the DMZ and make amphibious assaults.

In the mean time, ramifications from the outbreak of war will hit the global financial markets; gold in particular, as the major moneyed interests flee to safety until the dust settles.

Our sources at SHTF America tell us that 3 American carrier groups will be offshore of the Persian Gulf by the end of August. Why so much firepower? Clearly, Israel has signaled to the United States that it can no longer allow nuclear development to continue in Iran. Their diplomatic efforts have been extremely active for almost three years now, with visits by top Israeli officials to the capitals of every major power; including Russia earlier this year, and China most recently.

Two years ago Iran had 3,000 centrifuges in operation. One year ago, the number of centrifuges reached 6,000. By January of 2010 the number was estimated at 10,000: the magic number which signaled that "industrial capacity" had been reached. That was almost nine months ago. Time has run out for the world powers trying to avoid a war. Time has run out for Israel. It cannot wait any longer to strike; their survival is at stake. And time has run out for Iran. 

The Feast of Trumpets is almost upon us. Got gold?

Monday, July 26, 2010

America In Crisis

America is in crisis because its leadership has failed the American people. This is not a new event. It has been an ongoing process since the assassination of President Kennedy.  American leadership has failed because American leadership is self serving and spiritually bankrupt. American leadership is self serving because it has lost it's fear of God.

Public servants cannot know and believe in a just and powerful God and undermine the health, welfare, security, and prosperity of the people whom they have been elected to serve; and then systematically dismantle the liberties and economy that support the pursuit of their happiness. 

Thomas Jefferson said it best:     

                             "When I consider that God is just, I tremble for my country."

In November 2010 Americans must go to the polls and drain the swamp: as Congress is the festering cesspool of corruption, hypocrisy, and criminal activity that has allowed the financial rape of the American treasury, the transfer of the American means of production offshore, and the infiltration of an alien race that has invaded every nook and cranny in the United States to the detriment of its lawful citizens. All of these events and developments are clear violations of the trust of the American people and the oath these Congressmen and women took, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

When Thomas Jefferson left the Presidency he said:

                                          "My hands are as clean as my pockets are empty."

How many politicians can say that today? On the contrary they enrich themselves while in office if only by selling books to the party faithful, or by allowing the party faithful to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom if their political contribution is high enough. Even those who make the tax laws in this country do not follow them and defraud the American treasury of taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars of income.

The guilty must answer for their crimes and receive a just reward for their betrayal of the faith entrusted to them, and the oath of office which they freely took. Their oath of office was the last "freebie" from them for the American people. Since their oath of office, there has never been a dollar dangled in front of their face by a lobbyist for the special interests, banksters, and New World Order that they have not accepted. Neither have they failed to do the biding of their New World Order masters in any vote. Traitors all, with the notable exception of Ron Paul.


We must purge the Congress of incumbents, particularly democratic incumbents, as these are the foot soldiers of a left wing movement determined to socialize America along the lines of Europe; with high taxes, big government, and a philosophy of wealth redistribution. Unfortunately, that wealth redistribution never seems to make it past larger and larger federal, state, county, and local governments, bent on enacting more and more rules, regulations, and laws designed to enrich the special interests at the expense of the the American family; while trying to marginalize American liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

The liberal left has run all of the major American cities for many decades; yet crime, drugs, corruption, and lousy school systems have never been worse. Even today, the Administration's stimulus program encourages and funds governmental hiring, particularly federal hiring, rather than encouraging individuals and small business with tax incentives.

Decades of business and financial research by tens of thousands of Phd Candidates in our very best schools of economics and finance, including Harvard: especially Harvard, as it is one of the pre-imminent business schools in the nation and is the President's own university; has shown that the private sector must bring the nation out of the Great Recession. Obama's heart may be in the right place, but he has his head up his ass! Our government bureaucracy isn't overweight, its fatally obese. If Europe was a model for Americans, there would never have been a need for an American Revolution. So, "for get about it!" .


After the Congress is purged of these leftists, the American people must get squarely in the face of the Republican majority and explain to them in no uncertain terms that their election to office does not imply business as usual for the Congress, but with the other party in power.

Republican politicians are the vanguard of the New World Order capitalists intent on destroying the rights, liberties, and economy of America, and replacing it with a corporate welfare state enriched by the banksters at the expense of the American worker, taxpayer, and family. Can you say, oligarchy?

Do you hear that giant sucking sound? This is the time that Ross Perot warned us about: American jobs, American wealth, and American means of production to create and sustain that wealth, and ensure the continuity of our society, has been sucked offshore by the New World Order. Can you say, global fascism?

Big business, big banking, and big government have become the enemy of the American people, and a trilateral axis of evil commonly known as the New World Order. Illegal Immigration is a strategy to impoverish the American middle class by collapsing the earnings of the American family.

Do not listen to what they say. They are liars, cheats, and thieves. Watch what they do. Evaluate the results for yourself. This isn't rocket science. It's Economics 101 and common sense. Seen Enough?

The Way Forward

New laws must be passed by a new Congress to empower American families and small business. Old laws that erode our liberties and infringe upon our rights must be repealed. Bureaucrats too long entrenched in government must be terminated. If you leave law making to the lawyers you will get what we have now, and that is unacceptable.

The lawyers in America must accept responsibility for the fiasco that they have unleashed upon America by their incessant lobbying, posturing, spinning, and doublespeak. Is it any wonder that, Shakespeare, the greatest mind in English literature exclaimed in exasperation: "Kill all the lawyers!" ?

Decades ago, SHTF America was viciously stripped of it's naivete, while watching the local evening news in Phoenix Arizona, interview the Speaker of the Arizona House, Burton Barr, about the end of the legislative session: "It was very successful," he exclaimed, "we passed four hundred new laws!"


400 new laws? The Lord God Almighty, in all of His wisdom, only gave us ten. But this is what is wrong with America. Too many government servants believe that more is better: they know more, and they know better. Say what? Sit down and shut up! The American people know more and they know better. In general, SHTF America has seen a better attitude from the minimum-wage slave laborers at Wal-Mart. At least they understand the concept of customer service.

The problem with government employees at every level, is that once they have a job in government they believe that they are the government. No, they are not the government. They are the servants of the government, since We The People are the government, and agencies of that government only derive their just and enumerated powers from the consent of the governed. When government employees speak to Americans they need to understand, that they are speaking to the boss. That's US!

If you make burgers for a living you want to sell more. Maybe even over 100 billion burgers. If you sell cars you want to sell more. That's the American way. Sell more product, make more profit. More is better. Is it any wonder then that people who make laws, think that more is better? Its past time for the American people to help these lost souls get their mind right. We don't need more laws to corral American citizens in everything they do, and "protect us from ourselves".

We do need government to enforce existing laws against non-citizens to protect Americans from them, and we need government to bust monopolies in the insurance industry that do not allow Americans to purchase their insurance across state lines. Big business screams free enterprise, except it is neither free nor fair in America anymore. The lawyers have seen to that! What was it Shakespeare said?

Big business is moving offshore. It has moved offshore. Our national economy will fail totally if we do not use our tax dollars to empower ourselves, through small business and  alternative energy in particular, to create real jobs in America once more.

As a nation we can no longer allow the federal government to disregard our Constitutional rights, and willfully ignore the limitation of government powers to our detriment. We must become active, vocal, and organized to ensure that our right to self determination is preserved for future generations of Americans.

The numbers are with us. The one good thing that Barak Obama has done for America, is show us that We The  People, can compete financially with the big moneyed interests, by our sheer number and small contributions. There is no reason for the disenchanted to remain disengaged and disenfranchised.

We must organize now, before we become a nation of serfs. The "Silent Majority" cannot afford to remain silent anymore. Literally! We just cannot afford to remain silent. To remain silent and be disengaged from the political process is to delegate America, and ourselves, to third world status; and with a comparable quality of life.

It is time once again in American politics for Americans to create new political structures that represent the American people; because neither major party represent our interests. They represent their own interests, the lobbyists that legally bribe them on behalf of big business, and the banksters that have raped this nation financially.

Politicians stopped serving the American electorate a long time ago. Now they need to understand that We The People are masters of our own destiny and government is the servant of the people. Get involved with a new political party and make a difference for America and yourself!

"What is good for the American taxpayer and family is good for America."

                                                                                             -   Drake Pendragon

Let's roll with that phrase as our standard to evaluate all federal, state, and county legislation, and all candidates for office at every level. Good fences make good neighbors, less government is better government, and lower taxes, mean that families can get off of government assistance and go back to work.

The American Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights properly enacted and engaged by its citizens, is the example for all the world to follow: if they so choose. But as citizens, we have let our government get away from US and it has strayed from the principles that made America great.

Now our task is to recapture our heritage, insist upon our rights and liberties, and make government the servant of the people once again. America is awake. Americans are aware, and SHTF America believes that a new burst of freedom is coming to America soon: with your effort and God's grace.

Dwight David Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States put it this way:

                  "There is nothing wrong with America that faith, love of freedom,
                    intelligence, and the energy of her people cannot cure."