Friday, July 30, 2010

The Next War Is Now

Another war is eminent. Probably within months. Iran is pursuing the development of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons as is their sovereign right; over the objections of Israel,  the United States, and Europe. Even Russia and China have agreed to additional, more punitive sanctions against Iran in hopes of stopping the development of an Iranian nuclear arsenal. This attempt will prove to be unsuccessful and the world powers know it, but hope at least, to slow Iranian progress.

The United States could live with a nuclear Iran. After all, the USA lived with a nuclear Soviet Union, and then later, with a nuclear Red China. Unfortunately, Israel cannot live with a nuclear Iran. The leader of Iran has publicly stated a number of times, the desire and intent of his administration, to "wipe Israel off the map". Such rhetoric has to be taken seriously when the survival of a nation is at stake. Especially when it is your nation expressly identified as the target.

Israel will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, period. The closer Iran gets to the possession and deployment of a nuclear device, the closer Iran gets to a First Strike by Israel. This will not be a surgical strike of one suspected reactor like those that have taken place in Iraq under Saddam, or most recently in Syria. This will be an overwhelming first strike that will reduce Iran's nuclear facilities and a majority of its military facilities to rubble. It cannot be less than that and be successful and the world powers know it. So what is the sound made by an immovable object when it is struck by an irresistible force?

Once an attack is launched by Israel, Iran will counter with a strike at  US interests in the Persian Gulf. The US will respond and finish the job that Israel started. Iran may have a secret treaty with North Korea to enter the war they know is coming.  Treaty or not, North Korea may sit this one out. We all know that North Korea leadership is insane, but is it suicidal?  If it enters the war it will ultimately be to their chagrin, but Soul will be decimated in a matter of minutes as the North Koreans have 10,00 long range artillery pieces trained on that city. North Korea will move to invade South Korea once again, gobble as much territory as possible, and seek a "truce" to consolidate their gains. This time, look for them to skirt the DMZ and make amphibious assaults.

In the mean time, ramifications from the outbreak of war will hit the global financial markets; gold in particular, as the major moneyed interests flee to safety until the dust settles.

Our sources at SHTF America tell us that 3 American carrier groups will be offshore of the Persian Gulf by the end of August. Why so much firepower? Clearly, Israel has signaled to the United States that it can no longer allow nuclear development to continue in Iran. Their diplomatic efforts have been extremely active for almost three years now, with visits by top Israeli officials to the capitals of every major power; including Russia earlier this year, and China most recently.

Two years ago Iran had 3,000 centrifuges in operation. One year ago, the number of centrifuges reached 6,000. By January of 2010 the number was estimated at 10,000: the magic number which signaled that "industrial capacity" had been reached. That was almost nine months ago. Time has run out for the world powers trying to avoid a war. Time has run out for Israel. It cannot wait any longer to strike; their survival is at stake. And time has run out for Iran. 

The Feast of Trumpets is almost upon us. Got gold?