Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trump Doesn't Get It!

In the past few weeks, Donald Trump, most noted for trumpeting his own horn and telling Americans what a great President he would be, has insulted the Chinese by calling them “motherfuckers”, while claiming that the people in Washington DC who run the government are “stupid”.  

Donald, you are naïve.    SAY WHAT?     Naïve.

You believe that the people in Washington DC are “stupid”, and like most Americans, believe that OUR government is incompetent. Not so, Donald. The people inside the beltway are highly intelligent and highly competent.

That is what makes them so dangerous.

They know exactly what they are doing, Donald, and what they are doing to US. Your lack of understanding is excusable as you labor under the premise, like most Americans, that they are trying to do what’s good for America. They are not. That is your error. They are doing what is good for the lobbyists and gangster banksters. They are doing what the lobbyists and gangster banksters want them to do.

They are intentionally destroying the American economy.

They are intentionally burdening future generations of Americans with unsustainable spending and a legacy of debt that no honest people could ever hope to repay. They have intentionally allowed, no they have encouraged, more than 40,000 factories and tens of millions of jobs to be shipped offshore, stripping America of the opportunity that rightfully belongs to Americans, and crippling the ability of America to generate the income necessary to repay its national debt.

Under the banner of “Free Trade” they have allowed the globalist gangster banksters to make enormous profits by exploiting cheap international labor, at the expense of the American worker, family, and taxpayer; while they finance and invest in these offshore (Chinese) corporations, or the subsidiaries of multi-national corporations, using American depositor funds to hasten the demise of the American economy.


Why would elected officials of both the Democratic and Republican parties, with ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities to the American people, systematically dismantle the American economy and fail to secure OUR borders? Haven’t they secured the border of South Korea with the North and backed that security with 38,000 American troops? Why won’t they secure OUR own borders?

It’s simple really.

Watch what they do, not what they say. If you do, you will see that the intent is to allow many tens of millions of latinos into the USA to lower the cost of wages for Big Business and create additional many tens of millions of “new Americans”, by Amnesty, to vote for the dissolution of the US Constitution and the merger of the USA with Mexico into the North American Union: a contract that would destroy the rights of every true American.

The people in DC inside the beltway know exactly what they are doing Donald. And they know exactly what they are doing to US.

Eradicate the G-Flu: R1, D1, L1.